Reflective Horsemanship™ group clinics and seminars on subjects such as Riderology™, Sports Massage/Bodywork for the rider, and effective teaching.

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Certified Riding Instructor and Coach in Scottsdale raising the standards in the art and athletic endeavor of true horsemanship.
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The Rider's Mechanic

Reflective Horsemanship™ specializes in the development of riders. We integrate effective principles of mental preparation, physical awareness, emotional discipline with a dynamic blend of traditional and contemporary ideas and philosophies. The importance of communication between horse and rider, as an interactive relationship is emphasized. Reflective Horsemanship™ is raising the standards in the art & athletic endeavor of true horsemanship.

​​​​​​​​Riderology™ is functional riding created through mental and physical rider develpement, body awareness, and rider

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Instruction & Coaching

Clinics and Seminars


Riding Coach in Scottsdale offering specialized sports massage/bodywork for the rider, clinics, and lessons in Riderology™ by a Certified Riding Instructor and Licensed Massage Therapist.

Specialized Sports Massage and Bodywork in Scottsdale given by a Licensed Massage Therapist for the equestrian athlete.

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