Our Mission  is to create independent riders who understand and implement horse-                             logical concepts with mental and physical prowess. 

Our Dream    is to see horsemanship excellence in all riders, in every discipline.

Our Passion  is to teach riders how to become strategic thinkers, athletically use their                          body, and as a by-product, discovering a happy and harmonious                                      partnership with their horse.

Our Goal       is to help you unleash your passion and achieve your dream!

Kasey has a proven track record of successful training, teaching, and coaching experiences with a wide variety of horses and has helped numerous riders improve their riding skills, whether their goal was to compete or simply enjoy trail riding. She has helped riders regain their confidence while improving their skills. She has helped riders better understand their horse, build a trusting relationship and refine their riding skills through balance, timing, and feel.  Kasey can develop a riders' self-confidence! Hear what people say about Kasey HERE.

Kasey has a well-balanced understanding of all aspects of developing horses, from weanling through adult with proper form, function, and style. She has a comprehensive knowledge of horse-logical training methods, understanding the mindset, mechanics and physical characteristics needed to successfully develop and implement a training program to teach a horse to perform maneuvers, with finesse, in their respected discipline. Kasey has an exceptional understanding of the principles and underlying theories of Dressage, Western and Jumping techniques. She is an experienced instructor and coach with an educated eye, which can match horse and rider, and develop an individualized training program for an amateur or a successful professional rider. 

Kasey has had plenty of experience over the years of barn care and barn management, which includes advising staff, grooming, scheduling of farrier, administering first aid, stall cleaning, and setting up preventative health programs for the control of disease and parasites. In addition, she has completed basic studies of Farrier craftsmanship including hoof and limb anatomy, proper trimming, the shaping of factory shoes, and shoeing.

She has conducted workshops and clinics, knows how to work with the public, and has good communication skills while working with clients and barn staff.  

Kasey is educated, knowledgeable, and experienced and is considered an expert in her field. 

She grew up in Columbus, Ohio and now resides in Scottsdale, AZ. She attended college at Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center and graduated with a Riding Master VI and Level II riding instruction certifications. After many years of coaching and with a desire to help her students become the best they could be, Kasey decided she needed more education in the fields of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. The goal was to understand how the human body functions, in order to help students better utilize their bodies to become more effective and efficient.  With that mindset, she attended the American Institute of Alternative Medicine, where she earned her massage therapy certification and went on to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. Today, she is able to coach her students both on and off the horse.

Kasey has received several top USDF placings and awards. She was on The Ohio State University Equestrian Team 1992-1996; top ten placings at national championships. Competed at the All American Youth Show (several top 10 placings, including a win in English Equitation) and All American Quarter Horse Congress. She competed on the quarter horse circuit with several top 10 placings in both English and Western events. Her love of horses and children led her to become a mentor for at-risk children at Reigning Grace Ranch for 3 years; helping the kids learn life lessons inside the arena that they could apply in everyday life. 

"The truly educated never graduate"  ~ Annabel Monaghan

Kasey is an experienced professional horse trainer, certified riding instructor, and coach. She has worked with horses of all breeds and students of all levels and ages. She now has over 30 years experience teaching, training, caring for and competing horses in Dressage, Reining and other disciplines. Kasey believes in a well-balanced approach in developing both horse and rider. When developing and implementing a training program for the horse, she fosters a comprehensive understanding of horse-logical training methods, while taking into account biomechanics, the mentality, and physical characteristics of both horse and rider. As a result of her many years of education and experience, Kasey has developed a riders’ program incorporating body awareness, rider biomechanics, mental strategies, emotional discipline and the rider's scale of training to improve the rider’s overall sense of balance, timing, and feel in motion.

Kasey founded Reflective Horsemanship™ with parallel goals in mind. 

1) To demonstrate to riders that their horse is a direct reflection of themselves in mind, body, and soul. 

"Having the strength of character to be a quality leader and partner to the horse

will produce a reflection of horsemanship excellence."    ~  Kasey Reeder, Coach

As the horse is only as good as it's rider, we specialize in the development of riders. Emphasizing horse & rider communication as an interactive relationship. Reflective Horsemanship™ is raising the standards in the art & athletic endeavor of true horsemanship.

True horsemanship is horsemanship from the horse’s perspective; a horse-logical approach. It means putting yourself in their skin…seeing the world through their eyes, thinking how they are thinking, feeling how they are feeling, and being mindfully present. 

In addition to understanding each horse’s individual nature, true horsemanship also means riding the horse in correct balance with solid biomechanics. A horse that ridden in this way can stay sound, healthy, calm yet responsive, and enjoy their work, thus maximizing their daily performance throughout their lifetime.

Reflective Horsemanship

Improve the rider, Improve the horse

The horse is a mirror to your soul. Sometimes, you might 
not like what you see. Sometimes, you will.”   ~Buck Brannaman

2) To show students how to acquire the necessary skills to ride in such a way that the reflection they see and feel is one of grace and harmony in whichever discipline they choose to pursue.

Kasey's Background and Experience

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