​​ABOUT KASEY REEDER, Instructor:  

Kasey started riding at age 4. She is currently living in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has been a certified riding instructor and horse trainer for over a decade.  She has worked with equestrians of all disciplines, and levels, and has been involved in athletic competitions for over 30 years.  Kasey has dedicated her life and passion to her craft.  She has worked with many equestrian trainers, that are well-known both nationally and internationally. She is a graduate of Meredith Manor International equestrian center where she earned her Riding Master VI and Level II Teaching Certification. She also earned her Massage Therapy Certificate at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine. Whether Kasey is working one-on-one with riders, or in group settings, giving clinics, or mentoring children, her diverse background and experience, enables her to create a positive experience for everyone she works with.


Private Instruction offered for horse owners at your ranch or mine.  We work with riders, beginner through advanced level, western, dressage or english.

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Riding Instruction

“Equestrian art, perhaps more than any other, is closely related to the wisdom of life…The horse teaches us self-control, constancy, and the ability to understand what goes on in the mind and the feelings of another creature, qualities that are important throughout our lives.  Moreover, from this relationship with his horse the rider will learn that only kindness and mutual understanding will bring about achievement of the highest perfection.”  ~ Alois Podhajsky

​​Reflective Horsemanship’s approach to equestrian riding, learning, teaching, and overall education is based on our values and beliefs about the nature of the horse/human bond. Our leading principles of the horse and human partnership comes through when there is mutual understanding, respect, and cooperation between horse and rider. Our goal is to help students strive for this excellence, at whatever level of education they seek.  We believe all riders can develop to become independently thinking, feeling and aware while riding or working in-hand with their horse. Through classical and modern training techniques, we are confident that riders can learn to work with their horses by staying present to what is natural and comfortable to the horse. In doing so, horse and rider become relaxed, comfortable, harmonious and correct. 

The core of our philosophy is integration.  Reflective Horsemanship continually searches for new knowledge and information. Whether it be from the classical texts, modern techniques (such as natural horsemanship) or the sciences, we continue to build upon our foundation to improve the quality and effectiveness of our teaching.

Our philosophy also includes the belief that positive results are attainable for ALL riders who have the willingness to learn and have an open mind.  Although riding is an art and an athletic endeavor, it attracts riders with a wide-range of natural gifts. We strive to help students through realistic and honest evaluations, and learn to identify their own definitions of success within their specific horse riding pursuits.

We believe that we can help our students achieve their successes by providing the preliminary work for a systematic approach to setting attainable goals. To help students become more skilled on their horses we encourage un-mounted cross-training experiences, such as other forms of exercise (yoga or pilates), sports massage/bodywork,andsport psychology.

Our years of teaching, learning and integrating have resulted in a system we believe will benefit riders of all ages and disciplines. Our hope is that this system sets the stage for students to the joy of the human/horse partnership through the techniques of training, integration, goal setting, communication and self-discovery. 

Our mission and deepest wish is that through the application of our system, more riders and horses will demonstrate the qualities that make it possible to attain that special and unique relationship of a true partnership with the horse.