The Rider's Mechanic

Achieve peak performance in your riding through specialized Sports Massage & Bodywork, given by a licensed massage therapist.  Our goal is to help you reach your full movement potential and achieve your best in the saddle. CLICK HERE

Riding Instruction 
Private professional riding lessons from a certified riding instructor and coach for beginners to advanced levels using the methods of Riderology™. CLICK HERE

Combining body awareness, rider biomechanics, mental strategies, and the rider's scale of training, we coach riders to become more efficient, effective, and self-reliant.  CLICK HERE

Clinics and Seminars

Group clinics or classroom seminars on Reflective Horsemanship™. Subjects include, but not limited to Riderology™, effective instruction and coaching, and sports massage/bodywork for the rider. Learn to get the best out of yourself and your horse. CLICK HERE